Microphones Collection

Published on 2022-07-17 and last edited on 2022-07-18.

Small list, for now, of the various microphones I have that are relatively interesting.

⚓ LEM DO 42

Dynamic Lavalier Microphone.

Some brochure here, see page 5 for the DO42.

  • Bandwidth: 40 - 18.000 Hz
  • Omnidirectional with some attenuations above 8000 Hz for a 90° angle
  • Impedance at 1 KHz: 200Ohm +-20%
  • Connector: 3m wire with XLR

curve amplitude vs frequency

Pictures of mine:

⚓ LEM 307

“Anti-directional” microphone.

Some more informations: here and the datasheet.

Mine is an “High Impedance” one.

  • Bandwidth: 50 - 10.000 Hz += 6dB
  • Output: -57dB (1.5mV in open circuit) for 1bar pressure
  • Impedance: 80000Ohm, for direct usage
  • Connector: screw-on circular connector (Adapter to be tested: “Switchcraft 2501F”)

curve amplitude vs frequency

Pictures of mine: