LeCroy 9424 4CH Scope

Published on 2022-04-10 and last edited on 2022-04-23.

LeCroy 9424, Quad Channels Oscilloscope

⚓ Current State

  • Only one ADC card, connected to CH1 and CH2
  • CH1 seems ok, passes tests
  • CH2 have faulty trigger, can’t trigger properly and trigger doesn’t pass tests and calibration
  • Doesn’t have the memory card board

  • Calibration log
    • Trigger Calibration code 33 for CH2
  • Full DC non-linearity analysis : all is within the %

  • According to flow chart of service manual, Trigger Calibration Failure means replacing the 9420-4 TDC (Time Base card)

  • Swapped the Time Base card with a working one from a 9420 and the scope works again.
  • Backplane seems a little bit dirty, sometime false contact
  • Worst case I swap the backplane with a 9420 one

⚓ Notes

  • 9424 shares parts with 9414 and 9450 or 9420

⚓ Pictures

I won’t upload them here, but they are all available Here, organised as sub-folders in high-res.