HP 8657A - Signal Generator 0.1MHz - 1GHz

Published on 2020-07-10 and last edited on 2022-04-23.

⚓ Description

Working, frequency is spot on.

⚓ Changelog

⚓ 01/07/2020

EMI filter died, magic smoke and juice everywhere.

P/N is FN370-6-21 from Schaffner. Part ordered.

⚓ 10/07/2020

EMI filter replaced, checked the old wiring and new one, and if the old-and-new internal voltage selector was the same.

Fuse was a large one, new unit use a small fuse, but the fuse holder is inter-changeable from units.

new / old
100 = 100
120 = 120
230 = 220
240 = 240

When viewing with connectors pointing top, filter with gnd on bottom:

black/orange    black    yellow/black
      marroon    black/green    black/red + blue
marroon connect to the one right bellow it
blue connect to top-right of GND