HP 5328A Universal Counter 100MHz

Published on 2022-04-10 and last edited on 2022-04-23.

Universal Counter up to 100MHz.

DVM up to 1100V related to gnd, 500 to earth.

Working, DVM option needs calibration.

⚓ Description

Standard + options:

  • 011 HP-IB interface
  • 021 High Performance Digital Voltmeter
  • 041 Programmable Input
    • Same as, but with remote I/O from HP-IB:
    • 040 High Performance Universal Module
      • 10ns single-shot time interval
      • improved T.I. averaging
      • improved T.I. accuracy
      • measurements with delay
      • T.I. A->B marker
      • hysteresis compensation
      • switchable input impedance (1Mohm/50Ohm)

⚓ Specs

  • Burst and CW measurements to 100 Mhz. Special gating circuits start a measurement only when an input signal is present, allowing burst frequencies to be measured as easily as CW signals.
  • Single shot time interval measurements: 100 ns single shot resolution
  • Display: 9 digit LED display. The ninth digit is only used with channel C functions (i.e. FREQ C, RATIO C/A, Events C, A->B.
  • Blanking feature supresses display of unwanted zeros to left of most significant digit
  • Storage: holds reading between samples, can be overwritten by read panel switch.
  • Sample rate is variable from less than 2ms between measurements to HOLD which holds display indefinitely.
  • Gate output: rear panel output, TTL levels, high if gate is open
  • Period, period average, ratio, totalize, scale features.
  • Trigger lights blink when channel is triggering. The light is on when input is above trigger level. This simplifies trigger level adjustments.

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