Galaxy FFR-230 (R-1735/URR)

Published on 2022-04-10 and last edited on 2022-04-30.

⚓ Description

Fixed frequency receiver with crystal for channel selection.

⚓ Specs

  • 2-30MHz, crystal controlled
  • AM, USB, LSB, RTTY (wide and narrow), CW
  • 115/230V or 14-18V

⚓ Documentation

⚓ Crystal frequency

There is two crystals in a controlled oven.

  • x1 is the “channel” crystal
  • x2 is 1703.226 KHz
  • There is a 53 KHz IF

Crystal frequency calculation:
${rx\ frequency} = {x1 + x2 - if}$

So for the x1 channel crystal frequency:
${x1} = {frequency - (1703.226 - 53)}$


  • Rx on 11.726MHz = 10.075774MHz x1 xtal
  • Rx on 9.970MHz = 8.319774MHz x1 xtal

⚓ Pictures

⚓ Work

⚓ 22/04/2022

  • Working, tests done in AM with a siggen instead of crystal.
  • Some wires have been cut/desoldered ? Waiting for service manual to see.
  • Horrible blue led to be replaced.

⚓ 24/04/2022

  • Disassembled the whole front panel for cleaning
  • Speaker is pierced at one place, will be replaced with a GF0776M from CUI Devices
  • The additional circuit (replacing selectivity ?) was half-wired, and needs to be reverse engineered
  • The plate behind the transparent dial of the preselector is white-yellowish and cracked, will probably strip and paint with plain mate white
  • The transparent front window of the preselector needs to be cleaned and re-fixed